Every Wednesday
Kick Stands Up at 6:30 pm – Brighton Harley-Davidson
(April – October) Weather Permitting

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Everyone loves dessert, but why? Here’s the five reasons why you should join us on a Dessert Ride.

1. Really Do We Even Need A Reason?

Do we need a reason? Motorcycles and desserts on hump day, life can’t get any better. This is a great family function, bring the kids, friends or even just yourself for a quick ride / treat to celebrate the upcoming weekend!

2. There’s Endless Amounts of Flavors

Don’t like chocolate? Not a fan of vanilla? Maybe you’re not that into fruit-flavored ice cream? No matter what you like, there’s a dessert out there for you. Just be careful of those Rocky Roads!!

3. You Don’t Have to Fuss Over What To Eat for Dessert

Rather than fussing over what to eat for dessert, every Wednesday the planning is done for you. Everyone loves a good dessert of their favorite flavors.

4. Desserts Makes Your Sadness Go Away

When you’re sad, a friend, the open road and a big bowl of ice cream will be there to cheer you up. The silk-smooth bowl of ice cream is scientifically proven to help make breakups, heartaches, and other major causes of sadness easier to get through.

5. Dessert Goes with Everything

Dessert is not only great by itself, but also with a wide variety of friends. Slap a scoop of vanilla bean on your favorite flavor of cake, try mint ice cream with a rich brownie, make that stuffed crepe even better with a scoop of chocolate ice cream—the possibilities are truly endless.

Check the Calendar for Dates and Times

A lot of times the dessert ride destinations are not known until just before the ride.
Because its on a weekday sometimes the Lead and sweep can change
– For latest details check the TeamSnap App.