Have you ever been so far away from your home, family and friends, that the smallest act of kindness can bring a smile to your face?

For several years, Crossroads Ladies of Harley have put up and decorated “the Giving Tree” to collect items to be sent to our men and women in the armed services. I’m sure if you ask any of our Crossroads members who are veterans, they will tell you how much it means to hear from home. Add to that, getting a care package containing things like toiletries, socks, hard candies, granola bars, sunscreen and so many other little things that we take for granted. Our soldiers can’t just run to CVS to pick up toothpaste!

Please, as the holidays approach, think of those who are missing out on the celebrations with family and friends. Let these brave men and women know they are not forgotten!

Items are packaged for shipping overseas, by Michigan Operation Care-package.

By Lauree Vasher