17 bikes and 24 riders trooped to Bellaire, Michigan. Someone told them it was Andrea Yacks’ birthday…. and a milestone birthday at that. We totally filled the Stone Waters Inn; our bikes spilled into the church parking lot across the street (which probably caught the attention of the church goers and rafters who tried to share the spaces). Most of the group left early enough to tour Shorts Brewery that afternoon and brought cans of their beer to the Inn.

Friday night’s dinner was burger BBQ organized by Denise and cooked by Hacker. Of course, there was a birthday cake, and Andrea was toasted appropriately. It was also Ray and Maggie’s 30th anniversary, and we toasted them too. Before we all got toasted, there were several river swims, several card games, and general hilarity.

The next morning, Andrea found her trike, Aunt Fanny, be decked with birthday bows and tulle. None-the-less Aunt Fanny joined the rest of the bikes on a course routed by Cory Liddy. We were blessed with sunny and mild temperatures for the entire weekend. We started by going along the east side of Torch Lake and along the south side of Traverse City to Classic Motor Sports in TC (Harley dealer). We then stopped at Sleeping Bear Motor Sports in Interlochen where we picked up 3 more bikes and 4 more riders from Cory’s former Traverse City chapter. We stopped for gas in Frankfort as we began riding M-22. Stopped at Inspiration Point in Glen Arbor (scenic overlook) then into downtown Glen Arbor for lunch. From there it was up to Old Fish Town in Leland. Then up and around the “pinky” and another gas stop in Peshawbestown. Then continued along M-22 to the lighthouse on Old Mission Peninsula then back to Bellaire. We rode approximately 270 miles. With beautiful scenery of northern Michigan surrounding the pack. Saturday night we ordered pizza in and generally relaxed with more swims, games, and hilarity.

Sunday brought a ride back south, with folks peeling out of the pack sadly, to return to their weekday lives. It was a wonderful birthday party—we’d like to celebrate it again at the Stone Waters. I wonder if they’ve peeled the birthday tape off Andrea’s door yet.

By Andrea Yacks and Leni Hoffman