I have been your Director for the past three years. I have enjoyed each and every
one of them. I didn’t really know what to expect my first year. I knew that I already had a sea- soned group of officers already in place and I let them do what they do best; run the chapter. The second year I was much more comfortable, another great Board that works together to give you a great experience year in and year out.

This year surpassed the first two years by a wide margin. The VIP Tour, Rolling Thunder 30th Anniversary, 1500 mile Iron Butt Challenge, Friendship Ride, Tunnel of Trees and Hog Rally in the Soo were just a few of our memorable rides this year. There are many more rides to come but I’ll let the next group of officers describe them for you.

It’s been my distinct honor to serve you as an officer for the past 4 years. It was time to pass the torch to a new Director who is loaded with new ideas. That’s how you grow as a chapter. I’m confident that Ray and his new Board will continue the tradition of success that Crossroads has enjoyed from its inception.

I’m not going anywhere. I just want to sit back, relax a little and enjoy being a member. I do want to thank all of my dedicated group of officers who have worked closely with me these past three years. They are all my good friends and an excellent group of riders. They are as passionate about the chapter as I am. I also want to thank all of YOU for being a part of Cross- roads and making it more of an extended family. I can tell you that I’m getting pretty good at getting reservations at a restaurant for 30+ people, but that’s another “True Story.”

Evan Lapinski Director