Alright so you walk into a social event and you only know the one person. Here’s one thing to NOT do — be a clinger.

Just because you only know the one person does not give you an excuse to attach yourself to them the entire time. It’s a party…socialize!

But how?!

Take advantage of being a stranger. Since you don’t know anyone there, you have the perfect excuse to introduce yourself to everyone . The good news is that since you are all H.O.G members you already have that in common, you’ll have an easy conversation starter!

Here are some word-for-word scripts you can use to start a conversation:

  • “Hi there, I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m <Insert Name>, I’ve been a H.O.G member for <Insert Years Of Membership> years. How about you?”
  • “Hi there, I’m <Insert Name>. How long have you been riding for?”
  • “Hi there, I’m <Insert Name>. Do you know any of the members that are here tonight?”
  • “Hi there, I’m <Insert Name>, I know <Insert Friends Name>, who do you know?”

Here’s why these scripts work:

You establish common ground – People like people who are like themselves. Research has shown that when people share an interest, they assume that they are like them in other ways (even if they’re not).

You let the other person go first – By keeping your ice-breakers short, you immediately focus the attention on the other person. People LOVE talking about themselves. By opening the conversation around them, you’re already raking in charisma points. Plus it takes the pressure off you!

You ask open-ended questions – Notice how the questions are somewhat open-ended, they necessitate a longer answer beyond just a “yes” or “no.” Your conversation partner will likely explain that they know other members  through another mutual friend or that they ride the same motorcycle, or they’re childhood buds, which may lead to an even longer conversation.

Step #2 Use Body Language that is Approachable »