Last Sunday, May 22nd, my safety presentation dealt with the 2-second stagger formation Crossroads uses during our group rides. I want to make sure that no-one interprets this as a recommendation to use a 2-second interval as a safe following distance in any situation other than organized Group Riding.

When you are riding (or driving) in a non-group-riding situation, you do not have the advantage of only bikes in front of you that you can easily see beyond. You do not have the advantage of other, trained riders ahead of you that serve as ‘radar’ or ‘early warning’ devices. You do not have the advantage of those vehicles in front of you going to the same place via the same route.

Minimum safe following distance in normal traffic situations is 3 seconds – more if you can get it. In situations where you cannot see around the vehicle in front of you or where traction is compromised, you need more – much more – space cushion between you and the vehicle you follow.

Mike Hoffman, Crossroads HOG Safety Officer