Mobile Push Notifications

Push notifications are sent for the following:

  • Event/Game creation (when Notify the Team is checked)
  • Event/Game update (when Notify the Team is checked)
  • Availability Reminders sent out by team admin
  • Score Updates
  • TeamSnap Live! messages (Locker Room/Team Chat and live game updates)
  • Alerts created through the Messages tab

Setting Mobile Notification Preference

  1. Log into
  2. Click your team name
  3. Click the Preferences tab
  4. Click the Notifications tab
  5. Set notification preferences for Mobile Notifications to Send
  6. Preferences are auto-saved! Continue to the steps for your mobile device OS below to finish enabling push notifications

Enabling Push Notifications (iOS)

To enable push notification alerts on your iOS mobile device: 

  1. Tap Settings 
  2. Locate and tap TeamSnap in app list
  3. Tap Notifications
  4. Tap to toggle Allow Notifications switch on 
  5. Tap to toggle Badge App Icon switch on (other toggle switch  settings can be set to your preference)

Now, whenever you receive TeamSnap alerts a small red badge marker will be displayed on the TeamSnap app icon indicating that you have new unread information.


Note: The red badge marker is only displayed when you receive an alert. It will not be displayed for score updates or new email messages.

Enabling Push Notifications (Android)

  1. Open device Settings 
  2. Tap Notifications
  3. Locate and tap TeamSnap in app list
  4. Tap to toggle Allow notifications switch on (other toggle switches can be set to your preference)
  5. Open TeamSnap app
  6. Tap sliding menu icon
  7. Tap Notification Preferences
  8. Toggle the Alerts and Schedule Updates switch on
  9. Tap the Done check mark

Note: Badge markers will not be displayed on TeamSnap app icon for Android Devices.


If you do not see the TeamSnap app in your phone’s Notifications settings, you may not have given the app permission to send notifications the first time you downloaded it. To fix this, please delete the app, then download it again.