2018 Crossroads HOG Mileage Contest

This year’s Mileage contest rewards the chapter’s top riders just as it has done in the past. These riders are people who have the drive, dedication and make the effort to ride their motorcycle as much as possible. With that in mind, we know that not everyone can make
that kind of effort; therefore the contest has been structured to include everyone. All non winning contestants will be entered in a raffle for six gift certificates. The board has agreed to dedicate $614 in prize money, including the $10 entry fees. This contest is to encourage riders to get out, ride and have fun.


  • Iron Butt-Overall Highest Mileage-$100.00


  • Men Riders High Mileage-First Place-$50.00
  • Men Riders High Mileage-Second Place-$38.00
  • Men Riders High Mileage-Third Place-$25.00


  • LOH Riders High Mileage-First Place-$50.00
  • LOH Riders High Mileage-Second Place-$38.00
  • LOH Riders High Mileage-Third Place-$25.00


  • Trike Riders High Mileage-First Place-$50.00
  • Trike Riders High Mileage-Second Place-$38.00
  • Trike Riders High Mileage-Third Place-$25.00


  • Average Mileage-$30.00
  • Six Random Winners-$20.00
  • Bonus-$25.00

Total 2018 Payout - $614.00

(2017 – 41 Total riders totaling $410.00. Chapter covered $229.00 of the total $639.00)

2018 Crossroads Mileage Contest Rules

  1. All Chapter members in good standing (dues paid in full) are eligible to enter the Chapter Mileage Contest. Contestant must be a current chapter member during the contest.
  2. Chapter members may enter a bike in the Chapter Mileage Contest anytime during the year by having the Mileage Coordinator verify the starting odometer reading.
  3. $10 entry fee, per, rider, due at time of entry. Mileage is started at time entry fee is paid. (i.e. if you don’t pay till May, odometer reading starts in May, even if you participated last year.)
  4. The Chapter Mileage Contest officially ends at the last scheduled ride of the chapter calendar year. Ending mileage will become the starting mileage for the next year. The associated fee needs to be paid at this time if you choose to participate.
  5. Passengers are not eligible for contest.
  6. If you sell or trade a motorcycle that is currently in the contest, it is your responsibility to inform the Mileage Coordinator with the updated information.
  7. Please note that the mileage contest is for Chapter members only. If the bike is utilized by anyone other than THE chapter member on a regular basis, please do not enter that bike.
  8. For members with two or more bikes, you can accumulate mileage for each and total the mileage together for the year. (You must be the ONLY rider for each bike.)
  9. Prizes will be awarded at the Chapter Winter Party