Crossroads HOG
December 2017, Safety Thoughts

Boy, this is like the end of an era! I have enjoyed the privilege of being Crossroads Safety Officer for more than 10 years! Thank you all for that.

I am proud to tell people that Crossroads is the best riding HOG chapter I’ve ever encountered – and I’ve encountered a lot of them. We ride well because we all place a high degree of importance on doing so. Our chapter’s emphasis on safe riding is second to none. And, although I’m a bit prejudiced, I believe our safety program(s) can be a good example for others to follow.

I’m not going away, just stepping back so new thoughts and programs can be brought forth. I’m confident that Leo Felty will do just that as well as continuing what has worked for us. There is more than one way to do this.
For my final “Safety Thought” article I offer this: I’m suspecting most of us have put our bikes away for a few months. Let’s be sure we did it correctly to assure a great start in the spring. Here’s a short check list.

  • Tires at prescribed pressure.
  • Oil and filter changed to fresh.
  • Bike cleaned well – all the ‘nooks and crannies’ to prevent degradation.
  • Fuel treated to avoid degradation. (and run the engine after treating that fuel)
  • Battery at full charge – and, if possible, on a battery tender.
  • Tires not in direct contact with concrete floor – plywood pads, or carpet pads are good.
  • Bike covered with a desiccant under that cover (counteracts moisture)
  • Mileage reading to Cory Liddy for the Crossroads mileage contest.

And for you – the rider.

Keep your skills up as much as possible. Remember, when you pull that bike out in the Spring you are not so capable as you are right now. Skills slip. Read as much as you can about safe riding skills. Take courses/training as you are able.

  • Safety – First Aid, CPR, AED
  • Accident Scene Management (ask the chapter to continue offering these)
  • Group Riding / Road Captain Orientations
  • MSF or Harley Riding academy courses
  • “Rust Buster” events as might be offered

OK – I’m done. I look forward to riding with all of you in 2018. I’m sure I’ll be ready and I trust you and your bike will too.

Mike Hoffman, “that Safety Guy”