As a group, it can be difficult to pass a slow moving car on any road with two or more lanes of same-direction traffic.  This is especially true with moderate to heavy traffic.  Often there is not enough room for the entire group to get between cars in the faster lane.

The way to accomplish this is for the last bike to pull over one lane to the left and hold his position.   After the last bike has secured the lane and the lane is clear and safe of all traffic. The lead bike will signal and pull over one lane to the left.  Each additional bike one after the other should move to the left lane behind the lead bike.  Of course each bike should check that the lane is still clear before making the lane change. You can then pass the slow car as a group.

This same process will be reversed to the right lane once the last bike is safely passed the slow moving car.  This can be a real slick choreographed move for other motorists to observe.