As I write this article, the leaves are nearly gone and there seem to be snowflakes in the air. It is this time of year where we as a Dealer move from the buying season to the selling season. Most riders are more interested in getting their bikes put away for the winter. It is a challenge for dealers in the northern climes. Fortunately the Motor Company recognizes this and has introduced a new Softail to help bring people in out of the cold. The new model is the Sport Glide, which is in some ways an upgraded version of the Switchback. The motor- cycle comes with a mini fairing, lockable saddlebags, and inverted forks for better handling for aggressive rid- ers. The bike comes standard with ABS brakes, security and electronic cruise control. The bike is available in three colors, vivid black, twisted cherry and silver fortune. Please come by and give me your opinion and thoughts on this new addition to the family.

Our winter storage program is in full swing. For those of you who may have waited too long to have your bike serviced for the winter, please allow us to help you out with that last oil change before storing your prize ride.

If you are storing your bike at home remember to do the following things. Fill the tank and add a fuel stabi- lizer, change the engine oil, clean and wax the bike and put it on a battery tender to keep the battery charged. Then cover it and put it out of sight and leave it alone until you are ready to ride in the spring. If possible raise it off the concrete floor on a jack or simply some wood blocks. The worst thing you can do is fire it up to re- call that great sound! You will not run it long enough to dry out the moisture generated in your garage.

For those who might be looking for that great deal, watch your email for our monthly special financing offers. In October we had as low as 1.99% financing. In November we had 90 day deferred payments with 3% fi- nancing at the end of 90 days. Who knows what December might bring? Remember, Brandon is very moti- vated to make deals this time of year.

The Chapter has had a great riding season and I was able to join you for the Museum VIP Tour as well as the Regional Rally at the Soo. We also had a number of new/used bike purchasers join the Chapter this year. There were actually 11 people who purchased motorcycles and subsequently joined the Chapter. Welcome to the new members and hope you have enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of our Crossroads Chapter.

From all of us at Brighton Harley Davidson, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year!

Ride safe and don’t forget to wave. Hank Taylor