Hello H.O.G Members,

After discussions with some of you it seems that no one feels there is enough time to prep for any kind of skills challenge event for May 12th. It has been a very long winter or short spring how ever you want to look at it. So in lieu of a competition this year (May 12th) which we already have the lot set up, along with the new dealer on board to hold something so we will be holding a full day of practice for any / all.

Here is where I think it will be great for any and all riders. Talking with Gary & Cliff they have exercises in mind that will work for all riders from never trying any of this, to all the way up to a advance skill level. So exercises will range form beginning to an advanced level. There will be skilled riders present to assist people starting out or help couch individuals through out the day.

So to me this is pretty exciting to put this on and in the long run, and still will continue what was started so many years back by the RC’s. So get the word out and bring all that want to come, either to ride or to watch.

Those that wish to use while they are on the course will be hoses to help protect their high way bars. Gary is going to bring some better ones that can be purchased.

There is a $ 10.00 donation for participating in practice, for 5 minutes or the whole day your choice, $ 5.00 for spectators.

Ride the slow hole, one ticket for “Last Man Standing” with the option for two more at $ 5.00 per. Then rider will line up for their turn in the exercise they want to ride. All proceeds raised will be donated to the Penrickton Center for Blind Children.


If your a chapter or have an individual we have a few sponsorship spots open for $ 50.00 let me know.

Preliminary Itinerary:

  • Registration open at 8:30 am (any and all buy-ins have to be purchased at that time)
  • Safety Meeting –     9:00 am.
  • Range open  – 9:15 am (approximately)
    • Slow hole open to practice
  • Lunch is at Noon – 1:00 pm
  • Last Man Standing – 3:00 pm
  • Pick cones up and clean up 4:30 – done

Range rules:

1. D.O.T. Helmet

2. Boots above the ankle

3. Full fingered gloves.

4. Long sleeve shirt

5. Cycle Endorsement / proof of insurance for the motorcycle your riding on the range.

6. 9:00 Safety meeting is mandatory, if you miss it (arrived later) you have to wait until a range officer has time to orientate you.

Remember this is for anyone that wants to come out and play. It should in the end be a BLAST!! so please don’t sit on this get the word out! For obvious reasons will need a head count estimate by May 9.

Any questions, comments please let me know.

First answer to the first question: This is a practice day so there are no trophy’s or prizes to win….. except if you participate then you win because you just might possibly become a little more skilled at riding.

Ride Safe & Far,

Buck LeBlanc

Motown H.O.G.

Senior Road Captain